WHAT IS MANAUL Lymphatic Drainage?

MLD is an advanced style of massage therapy that uses a range of specialised rhythmic pumping techniques designed to stimulate the flow of lymph. It is the lymphatic system that collects and eliminates excess body fluids and wastes from the body. It also plays an important role in our immunity by helping us to fight infections and disease. This system is found primarily in the superficial layers of the skin and as a result, MLD utilizes a very light, featherlike touch which makes it a very gentle and relaxing massage

MLD can be used for:

Treatment of Lymphoedema

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Blocked Sinuses

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General Relaxation

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Treatment of Lipoedema

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Acne Rosacea

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Swelling Post Surgery & Trauma

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WHAT to expect during treatment

Treatments are offered for either 45mins or 90mins and will consist of an assessment to determine the correct treatment for your needs. Unlike most other massage types, the majority of a lymph drainage massage is done on the front of the body as this is where most of the lymph nodes are found. The parts of the body and the sequence of the massage will be discussed before proceeding so you know exactly what to expect during the treatment. Subsequent treatments will be discussed with you, in accordance to your specific needs.

After treatment

It is likely that you will feel tired after an MLD treatment. This is normal and a sign that the lymphatic system is working to rid the body of the fluids from the tissues You may also find yourself going to the bathroom more often and drinking more water than usual, again, this is a sign of a working lymphatic system. Avoiding stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and heavy foods will allow the system to work more efficiently. Everybody is different and the effects of an MLD treatment vary from person to person.

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