Mummy MOT

A Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and C-section deliveries. At this time everything can be about the new baby but here at Physio Éireann we want mothers to focus on their recovery. We recommend booking in 6-8 weeks after the arrival of your baby for a full assessment to help your recovery, and discuss any concerns you may have.

  • This will involve

    Assessment of your posture and movement

  • Assessment of your pelvic floor

  • Assessment of your stomach muscles both looking at any tummy separation & your c-section recovery (if relevant)

  • Discuss any areas of concerns that you may have

Based on the examination we will guide your return to activity and help ensure you address any issues arising from pregnancy and birth. This appointment can be booked online now with Eliane, Ciara or Rachel in Ardara or Donegal Town.