Physio Éireann work in partnership with LBG Medical to provide the latest in high quality foot orthotics. Foot orthotics are supports that fit inside your shoes and are used to treat a variety of conditions. Some more common symptoms that need orthotics are:

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Shin Splints

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Plantar Fasciitis

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Achilles Tendinopathy

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Severs Disease

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Pain in muscles of lower leg

Pre-Fabricated Orthoses

Bio-Advanced is a range of superior orthotics available in low, medium and high densities. The physiotherapist will first take a detailed history of any pain or lower limb injuries. This will be followed by a biomechanical assessment of your legs, feet and walking pattern to establish what orthotic best suits your needs.

This orthotic can be individually customised through heat moulding and/or the addition of components based on the physiotherapy assessment.

Physio Éireann hold a stock of Bio-Advanced orthotics therefore the full assessment and prescription of this device is completed within one appointment.

Price: €60

Custom Orthoses

If your needs are more complex, for example for patients with neurological conditions or foot deformity from arthritis or previous injury, pre-fabricated orthotics may not have adequate support for your needs and a custom device may be recommended. For this process the initial steps are the same; a history is taken and a biomechanical assessment completed.

Physio Éireann works with LBG Medical and their Laboratory in the UK to make these devices. A cast of your foot will be taken in clinic by the therapist using a cast foam box. This box is then sent to the lab to produce a one off pair of orthotics. This process can take up to two weeks. The orthotics are delivered to Physio Éireann and a review appointment arranged for the physiotherapist to ensure the product fits as desired.

Custom Orthoses Package:

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Initial consultation with biomechanical assessment

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Review appointment for fitting of orthotics

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One pair of custom orthotics

Price: €290

Health Insurance

Health insurance policy holders should contact their insurer and enquire if their plan covers orthopaedic footwear or orthoses. Your policy may cover this facility and reimburse you a percentage of the cost.

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