At Physio Éireann we have extensive experience of working with a wide variety of patients during thier recovery following surgery. The aim of physiotherapy is to help you get your strength and movement back. Some of the common surgeries that require physiotherapy are:

  • Spinal surgery

    – Cervical / Lumbar discectomy
    – Cervical / Lumbar laminectomy

  • Hip surgery

    – Total hip replacement
    – Osteotomy for acetabular impingement
    – Hip fracture repair

  • Shoulder surgery

    – Rotator cuff repair
    – Stabilisation
    – Sub-acrominal decompression

  • Knee surgery

    – Total knee replacement
    – Arthroscopy for cartilage tears
    – Ligament repair surgery(ACL/PCL/MCL,LCL)

  • Hand/Wrist surgery

    – Wrist fracture surgery (fixation)
    – Carpal tunnel release
    – Dupuytren’s contractrure release

  • Ankle surgery

    – Arthroscopy
    – Achilles tendon repair
    – Ligament stabilisation